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Shiplap Installs

Birdrock Construction proudly offers premium shiplap installation services across Salt Lake County. Our skilled team is dedicated to transforming your living spaces with high-quality shiplap, adding warmth, texture, and a touch of rustic charm to any room in your home. With Birdrock Construction, you're choosing excellence in craftsmanship and customer service, ensuring your shiplap installation project exceeds expectations.

Service Information

Service Type :

Shiplap Installs

Property Type:

Residential & Commercial

Service Available In:

Salt Lake County

Recommended Maintenance:

Regular dusting and occasional gentle cleaning with a damp cloth are recommended.

Service Benefits:

Adds a rustic or modern aesthetic to walls, offering a quick and impactful interior update.


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Project Single Image

Shiplap installation by Birdrock Construction in Salt Lake County is more than just a service; it's a transformational experience for your home. Shiplap offers a versatile design solution, fitting perfectly with a range of styles from modern to farmhouse chic. It's not just about aesthetics; shiplap also adds an extra layer of insulation, contributing to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Our Expertise

At Birdrock Construction, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to using the highest quality materials. Our team of experts brings years of experience and a passion for excellence to every project, ensuring that your shiplap installation is seamless, durable, and perfectly aligned with your vision.

Design Flexibility

Shiplap can be painted or stained to match any decor, offering endless possibilities for customization. Whether you're looking for a statement wall in your living room, a cozy backdrop for your bedroom, or a fresh update for your bathroom, shiplap provides the flexibility to create a look that's uniquely yours.

Installation Process

Our installation process is thorough and efficient. We start with a consultation to understand your design goals and provide recommendations based on your space and style preferences. From there, we prepare your walls for installation, ensuring they are smooth and ready for the shiplap. Each board is precisely cut and securely fastened, with careful attention paid to spacing and alignment.

Durability and Care

Shiplap is not only beautiful but also durable. With Birdrock Construction's professional installation, your shiplap walls will stand the test of time, maintaining their beauty with minimal maintenance. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep your shiplap looking fresh and new.

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Ready to transform your home with shiplap? Birdrock Construction is here to bring your vision to life in Salt Lake County. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a professional consultation and to learn more about how shiplap can enhance your living space.


Shiplap Installs



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